Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Bean is a year old! How did the past year go so quickly? His birthday was Friday and he celebrated by getting over a very nasty ear infection. We had several rough nights, including at least one night with a temperature of 104.5 F (this was with Motrin every 6 hours. As soon as he'd hit that 6 hour mark, the temperature would spike.) He was feeling better on Saturday for his party and a good time was had by all. We had just a few friends over to celebrate. We had time to sit and chat while the kids amused themselves. It was relaxing and a whole lot of fun. Bean enjoyed shredding the wrapping paper. He was less sure about the cake, but did make a mess! He got a bunch of adorable clothes and a couple of really cool toys. Hubby and I caved into Peanut and bought the boys a water table later in the weekend. It's been one of the best gifts ever. Both boys love it and make a huge mess playing with it. Thank goodness for tile floors and towels!

On Sunday Bean developed a rash. It turned out not to be an allergic reaction but is indeed a reaction to the antibiotic. The ped checked him on Monday and gave the all clear to finish the course of meds.

Work's been busy, the annoying post-doc still gets on my nerves, Mom is still a mess, and mosquito season is upon us. In other words, things are moving along as usual.

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