Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wow, life has been busy.

Mom is out of the hospital. She was released shortly before Peanut's birthday and is living at the same ALF she lived at about 6 years ago. The owners have vastly improved the place. She's being managed by a community treatment team who visits 3 times a week. A physician comes on one visit to check BP and deal with any general health issues and a therapist comes on another visit for her weekly therapy. She had a rough few days in the beginning, including one scary day when I thought she was going to end up back in the hospital. I called around until I found the correct team and they made sure to visit her and get her going.

We see her once or twice a week. She usually comes over for dinner one night and we've (gasp) been going to church and bringing her when she wants to come with us. She came over for Peanut's birthday. He was so excited to see her and is happy every time she comes over. Bean has warmed up to her and gives her lots of smiles.

I try to focus on the positive, but I know things could change. Lately she's been talking about moving into a mobile home with a roommate. Where? Who? Bad idea.

She wants a job and has asked her treatment team to help place her. Again, I think it's a bad idea. Volunteering with little pressure would be great, but I'm not sure she can handle the stress of a paid job unless it's through one of the mental health groups that can work with her limitations. She also does not have reliable, regular transportation.

She's also back to asking about babysitting the kids. Hubby and I are not comfortable at all with it. Her vision and hearing are poor and she can't keep up with the kids. We're considering letting her watch the kids for an hour at our house while we go out for coffee, but that's it. I need to know she can take care of their needs, especially Bean, before I'm willing to go there.


Peanut's birthday was fun. We had a party at the local arcade/play place with BF's daughter and several little friends from Pre-K. A fun time was had by all, including little Bean.


Bean is finishing a course of antibiotics for his eleventy-billionth ear infection. He's scheduled for tubes in early January. I'm always apprehensive about anesthesia, but tubes were a miracle for Peanut and I expect they'll be the same for Bean. Damn shitty eustacian tubes. I may have teh crayzee in my family, but Hubby's got the crappy ear infections, allergies & asthma in his.

Bean runs like a madman all over the house and is talking/babbling like crazy. The best is when we read "The Very Busy Spider" at bedtime and he does all the animal sounds. He tries to snort like a pig, says "doodle-loo" for the rooster, "Kak kak" for the duck and yells "BAA!" for the sheep.

He constantly cracks us up. He runs to the frige yelling "Lo-ney" (bologna) and will bring his glow-doodle to you and say "feet" when he wants to make footprints on it. He's also been known to grab his chest and state "beebees".


One of my aunts (Mom's sister-in-law) was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and had roughly half of her right lung removed. She will undergo four chemo treatments as a precaution, but the doctors think they got everything. We've been praying a lot.


We love the church we found. It's the local Methodist church and is about 7 minutes from our house. The minister is so nice, gives great sermons, and the congregation is very welcoming. The kids have their Christmas pageant this Sunday and Peanut will be a shepherd. He is so psyched about the whole thing. They're doing a family movie night tomorrow and we're planning to go. I think Hubby and I are both in shock that we actually look forward to church and that it's really not a big hassle with both kids.


Hubby has gone back to general crimes detectiving. He loses his weekdays off, but is on a regular 8-5 schedule with weekends off. It's nice to have weekends together.

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