Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Our white trash neighbors' house is up for sale! I pray we get pleasant, quiet neighbors. Ones without loud-ass cars tearing up the road all hours of the day and night with the thump-thump bass wide open. Ones that don't run a sketchy body/repair shop out of their garage. Ones that don't keep a couple of jacked-up mud-boggin' trucks parked in their yard.

Hallelujah #2:

The rumors are true. Dr. Evil has a job offer across the country. It's not official as she only has a verbal offer, but it looks like all systems are go.

Merry Christmas!

The W.T. neighbors have been a ball of fun since they moved in 5 years ago. Air horns honked every night at 11ish as the driver arrived home (which stopped after friendly neighborhood cop, aka Hubby, had a chat with him about our county's 24-hour noise ordinance).

Screaming fights in the driveway, again usually around 11ish, complete with luggage and other detritus tossed into the road.

The family dog allowed to roam around unleashed. W.T.s in a yelling argument with other neighbors when other dog goes running after W.T. dog, runs into W.T. child, and knocks her over. The child was not hurt. Yes, Hubby and I laughed.

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LOUD n PROUD said...

hope you get the neighbors you pray for!I have great neighbors,tg!