Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I was going to try and post at least once a month, preferably more, but missed January. Oh well.

Bean is sick again with a cough and pinkeye. Peanut has the cough as well. The ear tubes are doing their job, though. He did well with the surgery, and wasn't quite as bad coming out of anesthesia as his big brother. We thought for sure he had an ear infection a week after the tubes went in. He woke early one morning with a fever, grabbing the sides of his head and crying "booboo". He just wanted to be held and sleep. No eating, little drinking. The usual ear infection symptoms. I moved up his follow-up with the ENT. Low and behold, his ears were clear. Later in the day he vomited a bit followed by lots of nasty, nasty runs. Yep, it was a stomach bug. We had a rough week of lots of gross diapers and raging diaper rash. Then I caught it. It was one of those sneaky ones that lingers. You think you're OK, start eating real foods, then spend the following day running to the bathroom. Fun times.

Peanut has a new bunkbed. He did great sleeping on the top bunk for about a week until he decided he'd rather sleep on lower one so Mommy or Daddy will lie there with him until he's asleep. We moved both boys into a room together (Bean's still in the crib) and they love it. Bean has been doing great.

Peanut's been having some trouble in Pre-K paying attention and following directions. I really, really hope this is just normal little-kid-getting-bored stuff. We check with his teacher every day to make sure he's doing his work. No Wii is allowed on bad nights and we're considering banning it altogether on weeknights. He was screwing around, not paying attention yesterday and told the teacher "I'm too tired to do my work because I was up late playing Wii." WTF, over? The real story is he went to bed at normal bedtime and screwed around instead of falling asleep. Obviously there was no Wii last night.

Dr. Evil is still here. I've heard nothing about the new job. Maybe the written offer never came? Maybe she turned it down? Please, no.

Hubby and I had a good chuckle the other night. He lost about 60 lbs last year by eating well, counting calories, and exercising. He used Alli (aka, eat right or you'll shit your pants) to help in the beginning. I'm so proud of him and he looks great. He's wearing a smaller waist size than when we started dating 16 years ago. He's been weeding out old clothes, storing some and donating others. He came across some tactical pants that could go to another cop, so a coworker's husband took them. I think I've written about them before: both are cops, he's also in the Guard, has cheated on his wife, was likely cheating again during his last deployment and was threatening divorce to her and the kids and causing all sorts of mayhem. He also rides her about her weight and calls her "obese". She's average weight. He once told her that if she gained more than 20 lbs he would divorce her. And now he's wearing the "fat pants". Asshole.

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