Monday, February 08, 2010

The day after my last post, Bean woke up with a 103-ish fever. I stayed home and took him to the ped...lingering cold/cough with a fever got my mommy radar going. Lungs were clear, eye was still goopy, and eye drops were dispensed. He was still feeling crappy on Thursday, so Hubby stayed with him. He sounded wheezy and seemed to be breathing fast when I got home from work. Hubby didn't think he was wheezing, just noisy from the stuffy nose. I timed his respirations and they were OK. Peanut got hooked up with the Wii, Hubby went out to the garage to teach his martial arts class, and I settled into my bed with Bean to watch Nemo. Bean was definitly wheezy. Then he was REALLY wheezy, so I dragged out the nebulizer. He was still really wheezy and breathing at 60 respirations/min. Hubby called the on-call and they told us to take him into the ER. We went straight from sign-in to triage to the back. Bean had a series of tests and we learned he had RSV and pneumonia. He was put on IV antibiotics and breathing treatments every 2 hours and got to stay overnight. I finally got him settled down to sleep at aboyut 3 am. Between all the albuterol and tests, he was wired.

He's much better now. The wheezing seems to have stopped and he's running around like normal, although not eating as well as usual.

Apparently, RSV has been making its course through daycare. The kicker is that a child sick with RSV was brought into daycare the week before Bean got so sick and the owner had to threaten the parents with a call to DCF before they would pick the child up. Chances are Bean would have gotten it anyway, but I am pissed. RSV may have meant a nasty cold and cough for their child, but it meant a scary hospital visit for mine. I wonder if we'll be back to him wheezing and needing the nebulizer every time he gets a cold.

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