Thursday, July 08, 2004

The bathrooms at work have been a big issue of mine lately. The closest to my lab has been closed for the past couple of weeks for renovations. They've been so thorough on redoing the bathrooms, that the tiled OVER the old tile walls. Nothing was wrong with the bathrooms (except the horrible ventilation which means when someone stinks up the joint it stays stinky) but our department sold a chunk of property a few years back and the money has to be spend on buildings/facilities or it will be reabsorbed by the state. I'm happy to see the ugly peachy-fleshtone tiles go, but I'm impatient to get the damn bathroom back. I still have to pee all the time and am tired of hiking all over the building.

We have some very nasty, dirty women at work. Twice when I went to use the potty the other day, it had shit smears on the seat. I understand that accidents or explosive diarrhea can happen, but come on. Can't people clean up after themselves? Our bathrooms aren't high volume, so there's no excuse. There's plenty of tp and kill-all alcohol spray in the bathroom, so cleaning up is far from impossible.

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