Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Yesterday was another OB appointment.  I'm 17 weeks now, and so far everything looks good.  Hubby came with me so he could hear the heartbeat since he didn't make it last time.  We had a few tense moments as the doctor tried to locate the baby, then all of a sudden there it was, loud and clear!  We decided to go ahead and have the optional ultrasound to find out the baby's sex.  I'd still like to be surprised, but we'd really like the second ultrasound.  We'd eventually find out the sex anyway, so it'll be sooner rather than later.


This past weekend wasn't bad, but it was one of those with a bunch of little annoyances that added up.  Hubby has been in classes after work, so we don't see each other Monday-Thursday.   I'm asleep by the time he gets home, and he's sleeping in each morning. 

Friday, on his way home he received a call from the lieutenant wanting to call him out.  Someone else is on call this week, and hubby hadn't been home before 10:30 all week.  LT decided not to call him out right then, but warned he might call back later.

Saturday morning, LT called again wanting hubby to translate.  Hubby was out of the county at the time (a good hour drive away) and is not fluent in Spanish.  He speaks enough to get basic information, but he's not qualified to take an official statement, which is what they needed.  So LT put him on stand-by (which basically means on call but without the pay).  After several hours of sweating it out, hubby called back only to discover they had tracked down someone already on duty who is fluent.

In the meantime we went to a mall that has an Old Navy with maternity clothes...our pathetic mall only has a regular Old Navy.  Both of us forgot that this week is tax exempt on clothing and school supplies, so the mall was insane.  We avoided several accidents in the parking lot, then had to dodge people in the mall.  I did get some cute clothes and a body pillow, but it was a lot of stress in the getting.  **Don't buy the trendy under-the-belly lowrise maternity pants.  I bought one pair thinking they were really cute and had to hitch them back up all day long.  I'm so not into the gangsta-undies-hanging-out look.**

Sunday we drove 30 minutes to the birthing class.  The classes actually started last week even though we had told the instuctor that we'd be out of town that weekend and she said postpone the start date by a week.  Of course, that never happened.   When we arrived, several very pregnant women were already there with their partners.  I got a little worried.  When the instructor opened the door, she told us we had missed our class.  Apparently the folks we saw were on their last class of the series, so the instructor had moved our classes up 2 hours for the first 2 weeks due to the overlap.  She supposedly sent out an e-mail notifying us of this, but I never received it.  She then said that she had some trouble sending the e-mail out (I guess a phone call would've been too much trouble.)  She said not to worry, that new couples were still coming in, but now we've missed the first two classes, and next week I'll most likely go alone since hubby will be on call.  I'll be the loser who missed two classes and is without a partner.


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