Tuesday, March 01, 2005

It's only Tuesday and already the week has been crazy. I've been in a bad/down mood because Peanut started daycare on Monday and I'm sad about that. I'm only working half-days for another month or so and I hate that he's there for roughly 5 hours a day. I'm dreading going back full-time and him being there for 9 hours a day (I'm having mother's guilt big time). So far he's doing really well, though. The daycare ladies say he's happy and they seem to enjoy him. They're also mighty impressed with his loud "Daddy burps". I've jokingly asked Hubby if he slips beer into Peanut's bottles...I guess I'm not the only one who's impressed by his burping abilities.

Yesterday, one of the people from work discovered that our ultralow freezer crapped out over the weekend and everything thawed. DNA samples, reagents, everything. Some of it irreplaceable, some of it very expensive. The freezer has an alarm that sounds if it warms above -70C. So that fucker had to have been beeping all weekend and noone noticed or bothered to notify any of the labs that use the freezer.

This morning our lab flooded. A pipe joint separated and flooded our whole lab. Luckily the shop guys and custodial crew had it mostly mopped up before I even got there, although my boss's office still has a wet carpet (thank god he's out of town this week.) The pipe has been repaired, but the cabinetry under the sink is a swollen mess, the laminate is peeling off, and one of the doors fell off.

Tonight hubby called to say he'd been in a fender bender. He was issued a brand new car last week and somebody rear-ended him, then tried to run. He managed to pull them over and had to stay at the scene until the investigation was complete.

Then best friend called to say they had been in a fender bender, too and she's worried about the guy that hit them - he had no license or insurance and appeared to be strung out on something, so she's afraid he may come after them since he has their address from the driver's license.

Hubby finally got home and went out to walk the dog. As I was washing baby bottles, I heard a noise in the back yard. A punkass kid flew threw on his bike. As I was heading to the back door to tell him to get the fuck outta my yard, hubby (followed by the dog) ran after the guy yelling at him to stop. Then our cop neighbor also ran through. Apparently the kid was smoking weed and hubby was trying to catch him. The kid got away, so Hubby is now out in his car looking for him.


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