Monday, August 22, 2005


Assvice (unsolicited, mean-spirited or just plain bad advice) has been a common topic on some of the blogs I read. It generally is applied to mommies, especially new ones.

I've been lucky in pretty much avoiding unsolicited advice other than the occasional bit from family. Youngest SIL has spouted off a few times, but that was totally expected as she offers unwanted and verbose advice on EVERYTHING.

So here's a gem my own dear mom came up with: We were discussing whether or not Hubby and I would like another child. I'm leaning toward yes, Hubby is a NO!!! As stressful as one has been, and given my leanings toward anxiety and depression, Hubby may be on to something. Besides I'm a singleton and it didn't scar me too badly.

Anyhoo, Mom's assvice was: You really should have another. You know, for insurance.

Translation (although I immediately got what she was implying): Have a second kid in case something happens to the first one. That way you have a backup.

As if one child could replace another. Asif it's implausable that something could happen to both children. There are no guarantees in life, whether I have one child or 10.

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