Monday, August 22, 2005

Remember last week's post when I said Peanut was over the ear infection. Hahahaha. Hahahahahahaha.

He woke up the next morning, had his bottle, then started fussing. By noon daycare called because he was running a fever. I immediately made an appointment with the pediatrician. Yep, the ear infection was raging, worse than before the antibiotics. Peanut ended up on a 3-shot series of R*c*ph*n. Final injection is today. We took him back to daycare the following day since it was just an ear infection. At noon they called again. Yep another fever, this time a degree higher. After his nap at home, I took his temp and it had spiked to 104 - this right at 4 hours after T*len*l. After another call to the doctor's office they gave to go ahead to stagger T*len*l and M*tr*n which did the trick.

We still kept the well baby appt. on Friday and his ear was looking much better. He's growing and gaining weight consistently although he's still only in the 5th percentile. I don't know if it's his preemieness or if he takes after his short, small-boned mama. The doc seemed happy, although he wants Peanut to start crawling, and we've now added meats and finger foods to Peanut's diet. His not real sure about the finger foods yet. We bought some star-shaped puffed snacks by G*rb*r and they are the best. When he gets one in a certain way, the points on the star look like buck teeth. Daddy had lots of fun with that.

Speaking of illnesses, Hubby and I had yet another stomach bug this weekend. At least this time it hit me several hours after eating, so my stomach was mostly empty already. I laid in bed most of Saturday, then Hubby had his turn yesterday.

In the past 6 months I've had: 3 stomach bugs (2 complete with puking), a cold, and a flu/respiratory infection. I still have a cough from that.

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