Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I've come to the conclusion that Peanut's daycare is nothing more than a hotbed of germs. Ok, so I'm exaggerating a little bit. Well, not that much. I'm getting over a hideous summer bug complete with sinus pain, major stuffed nose, and a cough I am so sick of. Enough already with the coughing. Peanut has gotten so used to it, that he slept through a 20 minute hack-a-thon in bed last night. Hubby has the never ending sore throat and Peanut started coughing this morning. (Peanut, please hold on till Friday. We already have a well baby appointment then.) Hubby and I have never in our adult lives been sick so often.

Peanut, bless his little peanuty heart, is finally over an ear infection combined with pinkeye. At least this time we mixed things up! What a mess that was. The doctor put him on A*gm*ntin which not only caused watery shits (a la last ear infection), but had the added bonus of making him throw up. Poor hubby took direct hits 2 or 3 times. The replacement antibiotic stayed down better, but continued the shit issues. Peanut finished his course of treatment on Sunday and still has loose poopies. As was illustrated by this morning's incidient.

I took Peanut to daycare because Hubby had an interview for a homicide detective position (fingers crossed). Everything was hunky-dorey, I was running a little early, Peanut was all smiles, and I was feeling good. Until I went to put him down and noticed my arm felt squishy. Yep, he had pooped in his carseat and it squished out all over his butt and onto me. It was still nice and warm when I picked him up which is why I was oblivious. So we had a major cleanup on aisle 6, complete with an outfit change for Peanut. Luckily, the poop was limited to my arm, so I didn't require a change (I need to carry a spare outfit in the car).

Peanut sat happily on the floor and played while I put his bottles in the fridge. That is until another kid got too close and he started crying (if he's anything like Mommy, he needs his zone of personal space). As I sat him in a bouncer thing, he started with the juicy cough.

Here we go again...

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