Tuesday, October 25, 2005

After much debate last week, my parents kept their plans and visited over the weekend. They flew in Friday and have a flight out later this afternoon. We got lucky as far as Wilma. Neither of their flights were affected and our weather was iffy Sunday night and yesterday morning, but not terrible. The worst for us was actually Sunday night when a couple of tornadoes touched down within a few miles of our house.

My parents enjoyed their time with Peanut and he thoroughly enjoyed his time with Grampy and Grammy. He adores my dad and it shows. Last night, he fell asleep while Stepmom held him and this morning he reached for her to pick him up - both times she glowed. I was so happy to see him so affectionate toward her. She always seems a little nervous around him and I know how good it made her feel for him to snuggle her. I know how wonderful it makes me feel when he reached out for me and gives me a big monkey hug.

We toodled around town, ate too much, they bought Peanut some jammies and a cute cool-weather outfit, they watched Peanut so hubby and I could catch a movie and dinner for our anniversary, and we bought them dinner for their anniversary (we felt bad about that - it ended up being takeout as Peanut's been very cranky. We think he's teething. Lots of drooling and inconsolable crying/screaming. Especially in the evenings and at 4 am. Like clockwork.)

Now I'm feeling sad and trying not to cry at work. I always feel horrible when they or we leave after a visit. I have no idea when we'll see them again. It'll be a while before we have the vacation time and money to visit them. The past couple of visits with my dad, I've noticed little things which make me think he's not quite as sharp as he used to be. God, it breaks my heart. He's 67, and I know he's at the age where that happens. And I know it shouldn't dwell too much on it, because it's mostly little things...like his reflexes aren't what they were when he drives, although I think he's still a safe driver. And yesterday after we visited my mom, he accidentally called Stepmom by Mom's name.* (They both start with the same consonant sound, so it's understandable. And a visit with my mom is enough to rattle anyone.) I don't think she heard, thankfully.

Hubby and I are both exhausted from Peanut's teething. He hasn't slept well since last Wednesday or Thursday, so he's up and down in the night, then wakes up a 4 for his early bottle, which then ends up in a screamfest. A couple of mornings he's fallen back asleep. This morning he only fell asleep for maybe 30 minutes, then woke up when Hubby moved to pull up a blanket.

Mom called at work to thank us for stopping by, but I think the real reason was so she could unload on me. Apparently the new cholesterol medication is causing muscle damage (the same reason she went off Lipit0r) and she's been in severe pain. It sounds like she'll have to go completely off cholesterol meds. She's freaked out and I can't deal. She also misses Peanut and me, but I can't deal. I can handle a phone call once every few days, or a half hour visit, but that's about it. I nicely told her that I'm trying to take a break because I think it's better for both of us. Honestly, I think it is, but the remainder of the truth is that I simply can't stand to be around her. I'm still angry and hurt by her comments about Hubby. And I don't want to get sucked into the world of her health problems. I'm having a hard time keeping it together with lack of sleep, Peanut's crankies, and knowing that Hubby will probably be transferred to the homicide unit within the next month. I want him to get that transfer, but I'm beyond stressed trying to figure out how I'm going to cope with Peanut and work when he's working 60 or 70 hour weeks. That may actually be a way for me to spend more time with Mom, if she can promise to be nice.

*This morning I called the dog by Peanut's name. So maybe I'm getting senile?

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