Monday, October 17, 2005

So, tropical storm Wilma is on the loose. I pray it doesn't hit anywhere on the gulf coast of the U.S. I hope it doesn't develop into anything strong. Enough is enough.


This weekend, the family had our first portraits taken. Peanut's approaching 1 year old, so we figured it was about time. Hubby's sisters send us professional pictures of their kids all the time and we were beginning to feel like bums. I think neither of us wanted to deal with a potentially cranky Peanut, which was why we put it off for so long. We had nothing to worry about. He was really clingy at first and didn't want to smile for the photographer (who was really nice and patient. We went to S3ars and were very happy with them). We got a couple of really nice family shots and a couple nice ones of hubby or me alone with Peanut. Then we put Peanut in a Halloween-themed onesie (printed with glow-in-the dark candies - adorable) and cute little pumpkin socks and got a couple of different fall-theme poses. They are adorable. He loved the pumpkin prop and kept turning around to knock it over. I can't wait for the photos to come back.

Yesterday afternoon, Peanut sort of crawled on our bed! Hubby was on one side and I was on the other encouraging him along. I think he'll be motoring around soon. He only scooted a foot or two, but he definitely moved.

This morning was a rough one for the little guy. I noticed he was wet when he had his early bottle. When I laid him on the changing table, I realized his whole front was damp. And he had pooped which luckily didn't leak. Poor little bugger just wanted to get back in his warm bed, so he CRIED all through the diaper and clothing change. I felt like the meanest mommy ever. All the fuss woke up Hubby, who whisked Peanut into bed with him. Peanut immediately snuggled up to him and wrapped his arm around Hubby's neck. So sweet. I think he was back asleep within 2 minutes.

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