Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A big sigh of relief! Peanut's ear surgery went fine. He was such a little trooper until the surgery: no babas after midnight (he normally has one at 5), up early to be at the surgicenter by 6:45, and hanging out there for another hour until the surgery. He barely fussed at all and seemed to enjoy all the nurses fussing over him. He only cried when they gave him gas to go to sleep. I mustered up the courage to hold him, and it wasn't anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be. He slowly drifted off to sleep.

Within 10 minutes, the tubes were in. We could hear him screaming as soon as he woke up, all the way out front in the waiting area. He was like a little wild child screaming, flailing, and arching his back. Poor Daddy spent the 45 minuts of post-op holding a little screaming demon. The little guy was still "drunk" from the anesthetic as was apparent by his barely-focusing eyes. Once we got him settled into the carseat with a binky, he was fine. By the time we got home, he was smiling again. And after a baba, he was ready to play. Daddy passed out on the couch, so around 10, I took Peanut into the bedroom and laid him in bed. He rolled around and played, then noticed a sock had fallen off. He took one look at those juicy toes, spit out the binky and stated sucking on his big toe. I laughed. He was adorable. A little while later he rolled around until he was comfy, then zonked out - for 3 glorious hours. Which meant I did, too. Pure bliss.

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