Monday, November 28, 2005

Thanksgiving was quiet and enjoyable. Mom came over, so it was us 3 adults and Peanut and a whole feast of yummy food. Mom was pleasant most of the time, although she drove us crazy insisting on making a jell-o mold that neither Hubby nor I wanted. The recipe made enough servings for about 15, and we both suggested she halve it. She would have So, she ended up with a huge bowl of pink crud only she would eat, then complained about it. Mom will never change.

Friday, things got hectic. Hubby was called out to an unattended death, then to another. Saturday he had to go to an autopsy and that night a toddler died of apparent meningitis. Sunday he went to the autopsies for the two Friday deaths and the toddler.

I could not do what he does. One of the unattended deaths was a 30-year-old man, who probably died from liver disease due to drugs and alcohol. 30 years old. Younger than me. Someone who should have been in the prime of his life.

The toddler got to me even worse. Apparenly she had an ear infection, was taken to the doctor on Friday and given antibiotics. By Saturday morning, she was crying/screaming and every time she tried to stand, her legs buckled. It was meningitis and had already become pneumonia as well. She was dead by 11 pm. She went from "just an ear infection" to dead in less than 48 hours. Scary shit. Now we understand why our pediatrician sent Peanut to the ER when he had the horrible bilateral ear infection. Even though I griped about it at the time, and Hubby was pissed because he felt that she overreacted, we're glad she was on top of things.

I'm still thinking about that poor child and praying we never have to go through anything like that.

Peanut's ear tubes go in tomorrow, and I have worries about the procedure at the back of my mind as well.

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