Friday, April 07, 2006

Bad Mom

I'm feeling like a bad mom today. Not that that's any different from most days, but I'm feeling like an especially underqualified, low-skilled mommy today.

Last night Peanut wanted to play on his rocking dog. He has finally started to really walk on his own, so he was busy trying to get on and off Old Blue by himself. Of course he kept getting off-balance and keeling over onto his side or butt. Eventually he whacked his noggin on one of the handles and started to wail. That's when I stepped in and held and comforted him. I probably should have stepped in sooner, but he needs independent play and the only way he's going to learn balance and motor skills is by practice.

A little while later he wanted to play on the porch. I finally gave in when the only way to stop his crying was to go on the porch. He likes to climb on the footrests that go to our classy plastic Adirondack chairs. The footrests slope like little slides. Great fun for a toddler. He'd climb up with me hovering over him, then slide down. Eventually he decided to toddle over to someplace else. I was hovering, but not close enough, and BAM! he went facedown onto the concrete floor. He started to scream. I quickly scooped him up, then his nose began to bleed.

We're still having the nighttime sleep issues. Peanut ends up in bed with us at some point during the night. Every night. He also still gets a bottle or two every night. He's 16 months old, has teeth, and still get bottles. I can only imagine the cavities he's going to have.

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