Thursday, April 13, 2006

Peanut has turned into the toddler over the past couple of weeks. He's walking most of the time now, although he does revert to the walker or to crawling when he's tired. He didn't even start crawling until he started walking, but I guess he realized it's easier than scooting. I still don't know how he managed to scoot so fast. Have you ever tried? It's ungainly.

This weekend we took our first family trip to the zoo. Peanut wasn't too much into the large animals, probably because they were so far away and sleepy from the heat. He did love the koi and birds. We went into the aviary twice and he was entranced both times. I even fed the birds the second time and had two on my arm, so I was able to bring them close to, but not within biting distance, of Peanut.

He still isn't very verbal, but we know he understands things. He can point out his belly button, nose, and head. He is fascinated with his belly button and likes to check ours out, too. When you ask where his head is, he smack, smack, smacks himself. Enough with the headbanging already!

He loves the moon and points it out during our evening walks. Apparently I was a moon lover, too, as Grampy pointed out. I annoyed him and our fellow travellers during a trans-Atlantic flight while lifting the window shade and exclaiming "Moon, moon!" Hey, the moon is pretty cool.

He also can point out the dog, fish, and cat in his favorite picture book and showed me that there's a picture of the dog on the cover as well.

(Are you puking yet. Want me to whip some photos out of my wallet?)

This morning, though, had to be the cutest. Hubby called as I was pulling into work.

"Guess what Peanut did. It was so cute. Noah from his daycare walked over to him and gave him a hug. Peanut looked at me and the teacher as if asking what to do. I told him "Love on Noah" so he gave Noah a big hug back."

I wish I could've seen it. Priceless.

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