Friday, April 21, 2006

Peanut had a great Easter. The bunny came by early and brought a wagon on Saturday. As soon as it arrived, Hubby and Peanut put it together. Peanut didn’t know exactly what it was, but he knew it was for him and that he should get inside it. Once the wagon was road-ready, we went for a walk around the neighborhood. He absolutely loved it.

We went to church, the first time we’ve been in 2 1/2 or 3 years. Amazingly, our minister remembered us and even asked about Mom. One of the old-timers had no idea who we were, and gave us the pamphlet for visitors. Heh. The church is still struggling financially and was only maybe a third to half-full. I wish they could find a way to attract more members, but it’s in a location away from the downtown area and there are so many other churches around. I may try to start going again every now and then, but the drive gets me every time. We left the house at 9:20 and weren’t back till around noon. I’m still mulling over going to our friends’ church, but I love the UCC and often find myself uncomfortable in other denominations.

Peanut made it through about 15 minutes of service…longer than we thought. He even wanted to sit on my lap instead of Daddy’s at first. Woot! He loved the singing, but started getting vocal and squirmy, so he and Hubby went outside. They fed the horse next door, which Peanut noticed as soon as we pulled into the church driveway. Apparently Puffs make a good horsie treat. Then they ran around in the grass and eventually got in the car. Peanut wanted nothing to do with his Elmo dvd, so he played with the windows, door locks, steering wheel, a/c, vents, and radio. Apparently he hit the horn or siren at one point, but I didn’t hear it, so hopefully nobody else did, either. At one point Hubby said Peanut cranked the radio up, paused for a second, then started rocking out. My little dude.

In the late afternoon, we went to Mom’s for dinner. It was a nice meal and Peanut enjoyed seeing her and playing with the plastic eggs she gave him. Hubby fixed the other broken switch and put in a new fluorescent bulb, so Mom now has her bathroom light back. After dinner we attempted an egg hunt, but Peanut was much more interested in the neighbors’ wind chimes, so we took him out in the wagon instead. He had lots of fun dropping plastic eggs on the road.

As usual, we got our weekly dose of crazy at Mom’s. After vehemently insisting on no presents, she got one each for Hubby and me. A book for him and a tank top 2 sizes too big for me. She repeatedly told us that neither item cost more than $5. And as usual, it was a complete waste of her money. The book will go on the shelf and the shirt will be donated to the thrift store if I can’t shrink it enough to wear it without flashing my boobs every time I lean forward. We were relieved with her no present request as it meant no tacky or inappropriate gifts.

I never did mention the Valentine’s Day gift did I? I think it was Valentine’s. She got me some ugly underwear, which I wear regardless. Pregnancy and the following lochia ruined most of my undies, so I’ll take what I can get. The kicker was the 2 pairs of fishnet stockings. She thought they were “sexy”. Ummm…not when they’re from YOUR MOM. Then she asked if I’d wear them to work. Maybe if I worked at the corner of 10th & Memorial. So she kept them for herself.

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