Monday, July 17, 2006

I think we need a Nanny 911 intervention to help with bedtime and sleep issues. Peanut is not going to bed before 9 pm on weeknights and was up till 10:30 over the weekend. He finally realized that he can climb out of bed after we put him in it at night. Last night, as we were settling down on the couch at an attempt to get him sleepy, he said "nigh-niiiiigh" (night-night). When asked if he wanted night-night, he shook his head yes, we had hugs and kisses, and Hubby trundled him off to bed. Ten seconds later, Peanut came running back out into the living room with a huge smile across his face. A little bit later, the scenario repeated several times.

He still is sleeping in his bed till 2 or 2:30. By the time I retrieved him last night, he was already out of bed and part way across the room. I wonder if he'll start coming into our room soon.

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stefanierj said...

Oh, I do not envy you--first the crib crappiness (I would give up my pinky for our crib, seriously) and then the wondering when your child will end up in your room. I have NO idea what to do once they get in toddler beds--my mom said her friend installed a screen door on her son's room so he could see out and she could hear him, but he couldn't come out and climb in their beds.

What if you put his bed in your room for a while, just to ease the transition? My cosleeping friends did that and all their kids were out of the family bed by age 2.

Hope you get some sleep soon--I'll be thinking about ya!