Monday, July 24, 2006

It's a cliche, but where does the time go? Peanut is turning into a little boy. Where did the little baby go?

Peanut continues to amaze me. We took him to McD's for dinner and playland last week. Dinner, not so much (me, either. I hate fast food.) Playland, much. The cool tube part was labeled for kids ages 3-12. Peanut hardly even glanced at the cheesy toddler area and went straight for the stairs into the tubes. He crawled back and forth, peeking out the windows at us. That is until he noticed the bigger kids climbing into the upper tubes. He wanted up. I crawled in after him and boosted his little heiney up the steep 5-foot length of tubing with rungs (they were too far apart for him and I was afraid he'd fall). He navigated the rest of the way, including climbing up a couple of shorter parts. We went down the twisty slide together, him giggling all the way. After a while he hooked up with 2 little girls who said they'd be happy to escort him, so I went through another time with them, felt they'd keep a good eye on him and let them rip. Hubby and I could hear Peanut laughing and giggling the whole time. Whenever he'd get to a window, he'd pound on it to make sure we were watching.

He's cutting two upper molars, so we've had a couple of iffy nights. He only seems to be bothered by them at nighttime, although his appetite seems a bit down.

Yesterday morning he and I went to the park. We first fed the flock of ducks. Peanut giggled and giggled at them, especially at the one, very vocal, white duck. Once we burned through 2 loaves of bread, we waved bye-bye to the ducks and headed for the playground. He climbed up and slid down the toddler slide all by himself, then worked on climbing down the stairs with some help from me. When I started getting uncomfortable with the heat, I told him he could go one more time then we were leaving. He actually listened to me and got into the stroller without any fuss.


wesleyjeanne said...

They grow up so fast don't they?

And those playland places--nasty nasty, but what can you do? The kids like 'em. On a recent 12 hour trip with my two-year-old, we sought out McD/s every few hours to give her a chance to play in them. She's tiny and usually afraid to go up into the big tubes, unless there's a bigger kid to goad her. Once, she followed a bigger kid to the highest tube and then refused to go further. I could hear her muffled "I want my Mommy." until I had to crawl my fat butt up there and fetch her.

Not quite a big kid yet, but getting there.

selzach said...

Playlands saved our butts when we drove up to NC to visit Hubby's family this spring. Peanut was still too small to crawl around inside, but he sure didn't want to leave!

Yes, they are nasty. I tried not to think about all the germs lurking in there...but the funky smell made it difficult.