Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Peanut’s crib, the one we’ve used for a year and a half, is a death trap. I discovered this little gem yesterday after I h appened acriss the CPSC website. We never saw any recall notices at the stores which carry the crib. I can’t remember if we sent in the warranty/recall card, but we never were notified, either.

That damn crib drove us nuts while we were trying to buy it. We found the style at T@rget and added it to our registry. Dad and Stepmom decided to give us the crib and mattress for our baby shower, but after finding out how much it would cost to ship, they sent us a gift card instead. By the time we got around to buying the crib, Peanut was a couple months old. We went to the store, found the crib in their booklet, and asked a salesperson to retrieve one. He couldn’t locate it and couldn’t say when more would come in. He found a manager. “Oh, we don’t carry those in store. You’ll have to order one online” was her answer. No, not if we were going to pay half its price in shipping. So we found it at another local big store and eventually Hubby assembled it.

Last night he looked up the serial number online. Sure enough, it was manufactured during one of the recall months. Something about wrong sized screws which can loosen and allow the bottom slats to fall out. Several injuries and one death have occurred. But they’ll get a replacement set of slats to us in about 3 weeks. Just make sure the screws are tight for now. Don’t let the dead toddler scare you.

Hubby checked the slats (they were tightly in place), then decided it was a good time to lower the crib into a transitional bed. Peanut hardly sleeps in it anyway. Peanut had a ton o’ fun climbing in and out of the bed but still didn’t want to sleep in it…not that I really cared at that point.

Yes, I’m paranoid about crib injuries and a plethora of other scary things. A childhood friend lost his son in a crib collapse. The babysitter, who was only licensed to keep children on the first floor of her home, put him in a crib upstairs. It collapsed and he suffocated.

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Sarahlynn said...


At a BBQ last weekend, I noticed a friend - one of the few people we've had watch Ellie while Paul and I run out to a movie - give his 1-year-old a hot dog. Whole.

The kid loved it, and started eating the hotdog like it was string cheese until his mother intervened and insisted that the hot dog be cut up. Dad complied, but tried cutting the hotdog into slices.

How can you *not* know that hotdog choking is a leading cause of death for kids under 5? Willful ignorance in an "I don't believe in a lot of that popular parenting culture stuff so I'm going to disregard it" way, which only works if you have a very solid understanding of child care before you decided *not* to read any of the books and magazines or listen to your child's pediatrician.