Monday, October 23, 2006

Hubby and I celebrated our 6th anniversary on Saturday. We didn’t exchange gifts and neither of us got around to buying a card. We couldn’t think of anything special to do, so we went to the zoo. Peanut had a blast, as usual. We petted goats, rode the carousel, took a camel ride, and saw lots of monkeys. He’s all about the monkeys. The meerkats had babies since our last visit and I basked in their tiny adorableness.

Everything went perfectly until Peanut tripped and planted face on the concrete sidewalk, just as I was reaching to hold his hand. He splatted, it was that bad. He wound up with road rash on his nose and forehead and a wee bloody nose. Several hugs, kisses, and a carousel ride later, he was OK.

We lit out around 1pm when the 90ish degree temperature became unbearable. We headed over to Crazy Buffet for lunch. (If you’re in Tampa and like Asian buffet and sushi, I highly recommend it.) They continually make fresh sushi and had a variety of veggie, meat and noodle dishes. Peanut got a little ornery, but noodles, pineapple, and bananas settled him down.

After a short nap, we dropped Peanut off at a friend’s - Hubby conned her into babysitting, so we managed some “grownup time” (hubba hubba) and drinks and munchies for dessert. The waitress overheard us toasting our anniversary and gave us a funny look – I guess most people celebrate with a fancy dinner, not appetizers. After the big lunch, neither of us was very hungry. I was ecstatic to get unhurried, uninterrupted (well except for the phone call from Mom) s*x and an alcoholic drink. We need a regular babysitter. Bad.

Peanut came back from the babysitter’s wired on junk food and sugar. They went to a Girl Scouts costume party with babysitter’s daughter where Peanut was the center of attention from a roomful of rowdy little girls who took turns doting on him. When another friend called and asked if he and his family could stop by, we jumped on it. Their 16-month old had a late nap and wasn’t anywhere near ready for bed, so we let the two boys run crazy at our house in hopes of wearing them out. I succeeded in making their baby cry when I told Peanut not to whack him with a drumstick (apparently he’s a sensitive little guy and hates raised voices, especially when his friends get in trouble). Peanut got touchy about sharing his toys, but anytime we told him to be nice and share, he’d hand over the goods.

We finally got Peanut to sleep by 11 (yikes, that was late) and he slept ALL NIGHT IN HIS OWN BED. ALL NIGHT AS IN UNTIL 8 AM!!! Now we know the magic formula: sugar him up and let him run amok with friends until he passes out in a sugar-crash coma.

Last night we were back to the usual multiple wake ups and wandering into the livingroom while crying and dragging his blankie. Hubby gave up and put Peanut in our bed at 1.

We haven’t had any further success with the potty and aren’t pushing it. I think the novelty has worn off and Peanut simply isn’t ready. Last night he decided to try the potty, standing up this time. Nothing happened and he quickly wanted a new diaper, but I’m afraid of where this is heading. Our bathroom is going to stink like the local Greyhound station.


stefanierj said...

I guess by posting that you mean that your bathroom doesn't *already* smell like the local Greyhound station? Is that just us? :)

Happy late anniversary!

selzach said...

Heh, not yet anyways.

A good friend has 4 grown sons and a husband (pretty much a 5th kid, all with bad aim. She finally got the stink out of her bathroom by tearing it out and redoing everything - walls, tile, fixtures. She did it to repair water damage after some hefty plumbing problems, but the improved odor has been a benefit!