Thursday, October 19, 2006

I haven’t been able to come up with any cohesive entries. Instead, I’ve had a bunch of stuff swirling around in my head.

Hubby started having chest pains a month or so ago. He went to the doctor this week. Nothing abnormal was revealed on the EKG, so he has a stress test and blood work Monday. It’s most likely stress, but we both have family histories of heart disease. Hubby’s seen enough young dead people to take his health more seriously than he used to.

Mom survived another endoscopy and colonoscopy unscathed. Everything looked fine, so the G.I. doc doesn’t know why she’s having pain in the upper and lower abdomen as well as recurring diarrhea. She was diagnosed with IBS years ago which could explain the diarrhea, but the upper abdominal pain is troublesome. He recommended she see her internist and have a cat scan. If she’s still having problems in 6 weeks, he wants to see her again. Oh, mom went back to the gastroenterologist who was cold, abrubt, and seemingly uncaring the first time. The one she swore she’d never go back to. This time he was much nicer and talked patiently with her. I hope her first experience with him was just a fluke.

Peanut continues to crack us up. He’s very possessive of his woobies (blankies) and patrols mine as well, running off any unauthorized users. He repeatedly tells the cats “No! Mommy’s! Off!” A losing battle, that.

We had a leisurely morning the day of Mom’s procedures and he was happy to go to daycare late. By then most of the other kids were present and we went straight to the playground, him practically skipping along. He hopped onto a tricycle and hurried off. I had to ask for a goodbye kiss. Mom and I drove by on our way to the hospital and pulled over so she could get a glimpse. I should’ve known better. Peanut recognized the car and started crying as soon as he saw us. I did what any good Mommy would – waved and drove off. When I picked him up, the teacher told me how he started crying for Mommy for no apparent reason. Yeah, completely my fault.

This morning Hubby said Peanut had another great drop off and made a silly face when Hubby said bye – complete with eye rolling. It’s so much better than him turning into a mushy puddle of tears, but do we have to jump into teen attitude yet?

Hubby has a little entourage of 3 and 4 year olds who always have to say hi, hug him, and ask all sorts of questions about police stuff.

“Hi Mr. Policeman. Can I touch your gun?”

“No, it’s dangerous.”

“What are you doing with that baby?”

“That’s my baby.”

“Hi Mr. Policeman’s baby.”

“What’s the black thing on your badge for?”

“Well, a friend from work got hurt.”

“Is he OK now?”

“Yeah, he’s OK.”

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