Monday, October 30, 2006

I’ve had such butterfingers the past couple of days. Yesterday I managed to knock over a bottle of fabric softener and had an explosion all over the floor and my pants. A short while later, I dropped a coffee carafe on the tile. There were glass shards everywhere. While dusting Peanut’s room, I knocked 3 model planes off their flimsy stands and got so pissed I ended up shoving them all in a drawer. They’ll soon be hung from the ceiling anyway. I lost count of how many times I dropped the ruler today while taking measurements for an experiment.

Hubby had a hellish week, with 19 hours worked Thursday and another 22 on Friday. Both of us were ticked off about the short and no notice for that. We felt better after a weekend of beautiful weather and two parties. Peanut’s daycare hosted a fall festival on Saturday with games, including digging for “bones” (dog biscuits), crafts, a haunted tunnel, and a miniature petting zoo with goats and a bunny. Can you guess what we did first? We followed that up with a party at Best Friend’s house. Her daughter had a Halloween party complete with a bounce house (aka space walk). Peanut was finally big enough to enjoy it and had a great time bouncing/falling down until some bigger kids got too rowdy.

Hubby and Peanut went to the r/c field yesterday to fly planes while I cleaned and did a few errands. Peanut commandeered the controller and didn’t want to give it up. When they got home, all Peanut would talk about was the laydo (radio) and Daddy-Peanut’s planes. Luckily Hubby has an older radio that Peanut can use to “fly”.

We found adorable airplane-print sheets and a coordinating blanket at Target and scooped them up. Everything I’ve found online is crazy expensive and we’re starting to redo Peanut’s room in an airplane theme since he and Daddy love them. It’s too bad the set doesn’t include wall hangings, lamps, rugs, etc. like the other sets do.

Plans are underway for Peanut’s 2nd birthday and party, which is quickly approaching. We’re loaded up with Elmo loot (the dollar store had adorable Sesame Street figures perfect for goodie bags and cheapie plastic police badges). We’re heading to the mountains the weekend before said party, to visit the grandparents, so much spoiling will ensue. Nana and Papaw are arranging a little party at their house. I can’t wait!

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stefanierj said...

I cannot BELIEVE Peanut is almost two!!! Holy crap!!

Love the airplane theme--post a pic or send me one when it's done!