Friday, April 27, 2007

I originally started this post on Monday...

We had a surprise visit from my aunt last weekend. I left a message for her last week to give an update on the Mom situation. She called Saturday night wanting to know if she could stay with us on Sunday and go visit Mom. Of course, we were all “Hell, yeah” so she came. Turns out she’s been at her little trailer down in south Florida for the past couple of weeks and when she heard the news on Mom, she decided she should make a visit. Her house is on the market, and once it sells, she’ll split her time between the trailer down here and her other one up north.

Our visit with Mom was a good one – the best I’ve had so far. Peanut was feeling good so he interacted nicely with Mom. He sat on her lap, kissed her, and told her about his airplanes. Having Auntie there helped keep the focus off Mom and how bad she feels, so we talked about other things.

I hung out with Auntie Monday morning until she left, then took Peanut into daycare and myself into work. Poor Peanut wailed when I left.

On Saturday, we went to the Sun ‘n Fun and enjoyed the planes. They managed only to have 2 crashes this year, although we were convinced there was going to be one while we were there. Holy crap, there were a lot of planes in the air. (Sadly, we heard one of the Blue Angels crashed and died last week. We just saw them a couple of weeks ago and were awed.)

Peanut saw at least 3 Gooney Birds (DC-3s), his favorite. We went on a couple of planes used during the Berlin airlifts – one was set up as a museum and was really interesting.

Now we’re gearing up for the visit from Hubby’s mom and sis.


...and this one on Wednesday...

Peanut is in the throes of the terrible twos. Last night was especially rough. Hubby went into the bedroom for a nap while Peanut and I finished dinner. Any time I asked/told him to stop throwing his food, he screamed “NO!” and swatted at me. Then he would throw another piece of food. When it was time to go to the grocery store with me, he freaked out loud enough to wake Hubby. We decided it would be better for me to go alone. As I left, Peanut screamed because he changed his mind and want ALL of us to go. I got outta there as fast as I could. I'm pretty sure I laid some rubber on the road hauling butt outta there.

Just before bath time, Hubby was called out. Peanut cried for Daddy. He screamed and fought because he didn’t want a bath. Once in the tub, there were yells of “No soap! No wash! No hair!” Of course, once I opened the drain, he started screaming because he wanted to stay in. Getting him dried off and dressed was no better. He finally calmed down on the couch watching “Cars” for the billionth time. Bedtime was hardly better. He fussed until he finally fell asleep at nearly 10.

This morning got off to a rough start. He woke up while I was drying off from my shower and wanted to watch “Cars” again. I told him to get back in bed. He sassed a little, but got into bed. Hubby was snoring, which apparently annoyed him, so he repeated “Daddy, stop!” several times. Once I got him up and dressed he was much better. I asked if he was going to be a good boy, he said yes, and he was.

On the way to daycare, he decided to be a little comedian for Hubby. Things got really quiet, then Hubby heard snores. He looked back and saw Peanut smiling. “I sleeping, Daddy!” (I wonder where the inspiration for that came from?)

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stefanierj said...

Those moments of extreme cuteness are all that saves D sometimes. Hope it gets better. :)