Monday, June 11, 2007

It all comes down to finding the right bribe. For potty training, that is.

Peanut has had little-to-no interest in using the potty since its newness wore off. He'll occasionally sit on it for oh, a nanosecond or so. He does sit on the potty at daycare once or twice a day, but never does anything.

Last night as Daddy was putting him into bed, he asked for the model Corsair hanging over his bed. Hubby said he could have it when he goes peepee and poopoo in the potty. He announced to Hubby this morning that he wanted to go peepee in his potty and he wanted his plane. So he sat down and peed. IN THE FREAKIN' POTTY.

Of course, once he had the desired plane, he pooped in his diaper.

But it's a start!


StaceyG said...

Bribes are fabulous. We used to give Punkin gummy bears when she used the potty.

stefanierj said...

take whatever victories you can find, babe. the lure of jellybeans has long worn off here. I wish the lure of peeing in the tub would do the same. :)