Thursday, June 14, 2007

Today is one of those days when I want to crawl back into bed and avoid dealing with everything.

My aunt called last night. She left a message asking about Mom a few weeks ago and I never called back. I filled her in. Then she told me what's going on in her life. My cousin has tumors on her ovaries and uterus and an enlarged adrenal gland. She goes for testing next week. We're praying and hoping for the best.

Taking Peanut to daycare this week has been a huge power struggle. Today was the worst yet. He bit me when I tried to brush his teeth, then spit on, screamed at, and kicked me while I dressing him. I'm so fed up with his toddler attitude. I know it comes down to his frustrations at having to do things he doesn't want to, but I'm not a damn punching bag. Hubby stopped by for a couple minutes as we were leaving and I'm not sure if that helped or hindered us. Peanut was happy to see Daddy, but started screaming and crying the second we started pulling out of the garage. I lost it as we were driving away and yelled at him to stop. Real nice. Once we got to daycare, he didn't want his shoes on, so I carried him in barefoot. He wouldn't hold still for shoes until I threatened him with the time out chair.

I'm so glad Hubby is off tomorrow and can either keep Peanut home or take him in late.


Sarah said...

Rain is luckily pretty much beyond that sort of attitude but I can tell it's just around the corner with Eden. *sigh*


stefanierj said...

Oh GAH--I forwarded this post to daddymatic just so I could say "SEE?? We aren't the only ones going through this!!" except ours is more attitude with separation anxiety. And of course the first thing the preschool says is "has stefanie been out of town or something?"

Thanks. it can't be the 5 days of endless croup or the week of in-laws invading our house. Nope, it's mommy's fault. Grrrrr.