Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hubby called after lunch yesterday. He and Mom supposedly had an understanding that his lunch break is his quiet time. She has forgotten that and was doing the manic fast-talk as soon as he got in the door. He responded by turning the tv up to ear drum rupturing loudness. She asked if it was necessary to put the tv up so loud. He responded that he couldn’t hear it otherwise. She took the hint and quieted down. For a little while, anyway.

Mom: “I want to make stuffed pork chops for dinner. Do you have any stale bread?”

Hubby: “No, only the fresh stuff.”

M “And you don’t have any breadcrumbs either. Will you be going by the store this afternoon? Will you be back by the house?”

H “I’m working. I can’t promise anything.”

M “How am I supposed to make the pork chops?”

H “Why don’t you make something with the ingredients we have.”

M “Do you have any potatoes.”

H “I’m not sure. We have instant ones that are pretty good.”

M “Oh, no. They have to be REAL.”

Last night: "I think I know why my leg is swelling. I have congestive heart failure."

Me: "Whatever, Mom. You're full of drama."

She repeatedly asks us to take her to look at a used bike (which I doubt she could even ride), take her to X store, or to Y location for some used furniture she doesn't need. We keep repeating that she should wait until she is moved in. She has some furniture in storage, the mobile home is partially furnished, and we have crap rapidly accumulating in our garage. One closet is packed with her stuff.

I'm sure she ask me again tonight when I get home.


stefanierj said...

Oh, my heart just hurts for you. And so does my head.

But it's 500 x cooler to tell your mom that she's full of drama when she is than to just TURN INTO YOUR MOTHER, which is what I feel I'm doing.


StaceyG said...

Ugh. I just had to say NO to my mom's request to buy new bedroom furniture. Hers is just fine. I think she just gets bored.