Thursday, August 23, 2007

I’m pretty sure Peanut has night terrors. He frequently “wakes up” crying hysterically – he opens his eyes, but seems unaware of us. When we talk to or pat him, it often stirs him up even more. Occasionally he will wake up and stop crying, but usually he’ll just slowly stop crying and fall back into calm sleep. One time, he woke up, told Hubby he had a bad dream, then fell back asleep. I wonder what his nightmares involve. I know he’s afraid of thunder, sharks, bad robots, Frank and Banshee (from the movie “Cars”), and our garage. We usually try to talk about happy things at bedtime with the hope he’ll fall asleep to happy thoughts.

He was so sweet Sunday morning. He woke up and snuggled with me (something he rarely does anymore). He put his arm around my neck, gave me kisses, and rubbed my arm to “keep Mommy warm” (he usually gets cold after a bath, so I wrap him in a towel and rub his arms and legs to warm him up).

After breakfast, we fed the ducks and went to the playground. He spent about half of the time on a swing. I pushed him so he went fast, then would tickle his legs or grab his ankles and jiggle him. He laughed and laughed. As he was swinging he told me he was Superman in a fast rocket and that he had good robots helping him.

This morning he (Superman) and Daddy (the bad guy) had an epic battle. Superman finally defeated the bad guy with his heat vision. Then he flew around the house and saved an airplane from crashing.

Toddler imaginations are awesome (when they're not creating terrifying dreams)!

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stefanierj said...

Now I know how you've been getting through the tough times with your mom recently--it's all the freaking cuteness at your house. I heart Peanut.