Thursday, August 16, 2007

This from yesterday:

Poor dear Hubby is having another rough day with Mom. He got fed up with her rudeness and told her that demanding to be taken places wouldn’t get her very far and he would appreciate it if she would ask or at least say please. So she argued that she had in fact asked to go to the bank rather than the “take me to the bank now” that he heard.

She insisted on going to Taaaarget for a new phone even though she has one boxed away in her stuff. Her argument: the phone will be turned on this week and she’s been giving her number out. Hubby pointed out that a phone can’t take messages. She insisted she needed it TODAY.

Once they arrived at the store, Hubby said he needed to pick up some things while she shopped, but she asked him to stay with her and she would go with him after she finished. Several minutes later, he tells her he wants to go look at some things, she again asks him to stay. This happens AGAIN. Once she’s finished, she says she’s going to get in line to pay. Hubby nearly has an aneurism since he could have done all his shopping in the time she looked at things, put them back, looked again…. In the car she realized she hadn’t gotten a phone.

Once they made it to the trailer park, Mom informed Hubby she needed to get a key from the manager. Hubby asked where her key was. She decided to leave it at home since the manager always has a spare. The manager was busy with a visitor – Mom never bothered to make an appointment with him. She eventually got the spare and it didn’t fit. Mom got angry at the manager. Hubby begrudgingly took her back to our house, got the key, drove back, and brought a carload of stuff into her new place.

I talked with her for a few minutes after I got home. I wanted to make sure she wasn't going to pull another "you have no idea how badly Hubby treats me" dealies. She was fine. She made sure to tell me she still blames the manager for having the wrong spare key.

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