Saturday, October 06, 2007

As badly as things go with Mom, Peanut helps me keep it all in perspective. The latest with her is that a person from DCF is now involved and thinks she'll eventually go home. He put her in contact with the community oriented support team (the ones she refused at her last discharge) again. Both the social worker and I have told him we don't think she'll ever be stable enough to live on her own, but he didn't care. As the social worker so aptly stated "He didn't hear you, did he?" when I filled her in on my conversation with him.

Peanut is amazing. He's a ball of energy and attitude. We have the nicest snuggles and the best conversations.

We're in bed and Daddy farts.

Me "Phew."

Peanut "What's dat? What's stinky?"

Me "Daddy farted."

P "Daddy stinky. Daddy big stinky."

M "Is Mommy stinky?"

P "NO! Daddy stinky. Not little stinky, BIG stinky!"

Yesterday, he and Daddy called me from the park.

"Mommy, I flying. I Superman. Up and awaaaaay! You coming home?"

M "I'm at work. I'll be home after work."

P (with a smile in his voice) "Tah-night?!!"

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