Monday, October 01, 2007

My birthday present from Mom was a voice message the day before. Something about how badly she's doing and wouldn't be able to call me on the actual day, so happy birthday anyway. No one at work knew or remembered it, so I let it go. A coworker's birthday was the week before mine and another person brought in cake and coffee to celebrate. Maybe next year a drop a few hints.

I did receive several nice phone calls from my parents and Hubby's parents. When Hubby explained to Peanut it was Mommy's birthday, he asked for cake. Right on!

In good/bad news, the camper went back to the manufacturer for repairs. We noticed a musty smell during our ill-fated last trip and Hubby thought there was more warping (it came with some warping which we assumed was from humidity). When Hubby brought it back from the mechanic, one of the tail lights didn't work. He pulled up the interior carpeting and saw all sorts of water damage and mold. Apparently the back hatch door doesn't line up with the opening and rain is getting in. The company was making a delivery in our state, so they sent the truck to our town and Hubby drove the camper to them. Apparently some other people with the same model year had serious water damage and received new replacement campers. A new one would be awesome, but we'll be happy if they replace all the damaged and mildewed parts. And fix the leak.

The grand finale of the week, though, was me getting rear-ended Friday morning. Luckily it was after I dropped Peanut off. I was stopped at a traffic light and just after it turned green, BAM! The other driver admitted it was his fault and we exchanged info. At first it looked like just the hitch and bumper were damaged. I found out otherwise later that night when the hatch wouldn't open with keyless entry. I managed to open it using the key, loaded my groceries and went home. Once at home, I couldn't get it to shut.

The other driver's insurance company has been interesting. I called Friday night with the claim info (which Hubby got from the other driver) and notified them of the damages. The rep was helpful and entered everthing into the system. He told me the claims people would call the next day and gave me a number. When they hadn't called an hour before closing, I called them. That rep was not so nice or helpful. According to her, we could only have our car inspected, but not assessed, nor could we get a rental because fault had not yet been assigned (bullshit). I didn't want to drive the car and in order for them to send an adjuster to us, we had to give them a 4-day window. (I don't believe it. Years ago, when Mom had a fender-bender with my old car, my insurance company made an appointment for the adjuster to come to my house. And that car was driveable.) Hubby spoke to another rep today and it was a whole different story. Our car has been inspected, is at the mechanic's, and Hubby is driving a rental. I guess it all depends on who you speak to.

The mom situation is crazy, too. More on that later.

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