Friday, March 07, 2008

Spring has arrived here in our part of the world. The azaleas and trees are flowering. The scent of citrus blossoms is heavy in areas near groves. Mockingbirds are singing and ospreys are nesting. Oaks have put on flushes of brilliant green new leaves. I still miss the “real” spring season of the North, but spring is lovely, although more of a transition than an actual season.

Mom’s hearing regarding her healthcare status is today. The initial plan was to recommend her discharge in May (after her 6 month involuntary order was up). I spoke with her on Sunday and she was having a bad time and reported that she would be staying in longer. A call to her social worker confirmed that the doctor has changed her mind in the past couple of weeks and will now recommend that Mom stay another 6 months. She is concerned for Mom’s safety if Mom is released. I trust the doctor’s judgment. Ultimately, the decision rests with the magistrate and lawyers, but they generally follow the doctor’s lead. I’m sad she’ll remain in the hospital (a depressing place), but relieved that they’re taking her case seriously. I’m also relieved that she won’t be released a month before my due date.

The pregnancy seems to be going well. I still worry all the time and have fears of another premature birth, but I’m trying to focus on the good. I think I’ve gained less weight than I did at this point with Peanut (as evidenced by photos – my face isn’t round like last time). I think I was already starting to retain water at this point and have no swelling now. I hope that will hold off for a while. I was miserably uncomfortable last time.

Peanut is still having lots of attitude interspersed with sweetness. He’s been wetting his pants over the past few days and Hubby and I aren’t sure what’s up. He peed himself 3 times yesterday (not a bladder full, but enough to soak through to his pants). Hubby put him in the extra thick training pants last night and he had another accident so Hubby made him wear a diaper to bed. Peanut cried and cried over it. I’m not sure I agree with putting him back in diapers (which could backfire), but Hubby was really frustrated. Two of the accidents happened shortly after he asked Peanut if he needed to pee. We were letting him tell us when he needed to go, along with occasional reminders. I guess we’re back to making him go potty at regular intervals.

I made it to the breastfeeding class over the weekend (I missed out on it with Peanut – he was born a couple days before the class and I was too exhausted to go). I already knew most of the info and felt a little weird – I think all the other women were first-timers. We did watch an amazing video of newborns wiggling, scooting, and rooting to the breast – with little or no help. I got teary eyed watching all the little ones and thinking of how different my situation was.

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StaceyG said...

Peanut could be acting out as a reaction to your growing tummy. I'm sure he's having mixed feelings as most only children do when their sibling is born.