Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'm alive and well. Tired, but well. Bean is a little chunk and weighs 9 lbs according to our questionably accurate bathroom scale. It's such a difference to have a term baby. He still has a lot of fussy/gassy spells. I've eliminated chocolate in case that's the culprit (I was eating A LOT of it). He goes for longer spells between feeding, but wakes up with the fussies even when he's not hungry.

Breastfeeding has pretty much failed again. I didn't have it in me to have him on the boob for an hour out of every two around the clock. I'm pumping and producing nearly a half gallon a day. It's crazy. He does comfort nurse on me once or twice a day with the nipple shield, usually in the evening when he's awake or fussy and I'm ready for bed.

Peanut is recovering from his new ear tubes and adenoidectomy. Today is his second day post-surgery and he's doing a lot better. The day of his surgery was rough. He cried and moaned like clockwork about an hour before he could have a dose of painkiller for each dose. He's only had 3 doses of it today and is back to eating and drinking without too much fuss. He's getting better about taking his meds, but hates the antibiotic so we have a struggle for each dose.

Hubby returns to work this week. I'm wondering how I'll survive all those nights taking care of Bean alone.

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StaceyG said...

I hated those nights of "single parenting." Glad everyone is healthy and happy!