Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bean's 2-month well baby check was yesterday. He's almost 12 lbs and has grown a couple of inches. He's on the lower range of the percentile chart, but is right on target on his growth curve. He goes for a longer spell at nights - 4-5 hours then usually another 4 hours. The fussies seem to be decreasing and we have some days with almost no fussing at all. He's a very happy baby (other than the gassy spells). He smiles a ton. He also sleeps in his crib and co-sleeper! We can put him down when he's awake and he'll actually go to sleep without crying. I love the co-sleeper. He's right next to me where I can pat him or pop a binky in his mouth, but not in the bed where I'm afraid he'll smother...or never leave. We kept Peanut in bed with us for a couple of nights after his surgery and we're back to him crawling in bed with us nearly every night...not that we really mind. It's sweet to have the whole family snuggled up.

My parents visited last week to celebrate Dad's 70th birthday (holy crap) and to meet Bean. Grammy and Peanut were best buds the whole time. Grampy and Bean really hit it off, too. Both of them look wonderful. They've lost weight and are back to exercising regularly. Dad doesn't look or act 70. Step-mom surprised him with a lunchtime party at their favorite restaurant and the waitress thought the bakery made a mistake on his cake - she couldn't believe his age. I totally lost it after they left and spent the afternoon crying...arrgh, I'm tearing up now. I miss them so much. I wish Hubby and I could get our finances together so we could move back near his family. The kids would be near half their grandparents and we'd maybe be able to visit my parents more often. It would even be a driveable trip.

Mom continues to do well. She'll probably be released after her hearing next month. They told her it will take 4-5 months for the process to be complete. Once we know the decision I'll talk with the social worker and find out where they plan to place her.

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StaceyG said...

Wow, time flies! 2 months already?? Glad you had a nice visit with the fam!