Saturday, August 30, 2008

I finally tested my Taser and it sure works. Hubby got a target, which we set up in the garage. It was really cool, sparks and all. Hubby was impressed, but wanted to go a step further, so he cut the barbs off and taped the wires to his clothes, with the intent of me tazing him. I wasn't too thrilled with the idea, but went along with it after convincing him to lie on the bed so he wouldn't fall and get hurt (and after making sure he wouldn't pee). We agreed I would turn it off as soon as he told me to. Luckily, I decided to turn it off immediately after pushing the ON button. Poor Hubby could barely speak, it hurt so much. He was really happy with the results - he said it felt as bad as being tazed with one of the big police models he has for work.

Don't taze me, bro!

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