Sunday, December 14, 2008

A lot has been going on...

Mom called yesterday and decided she's not well enough for our planned visit. We'll see what happens. She may change her mind.

Bean has a cold and is back on breathing treatments. The wheezing has subsided, but he still has spells of fast breathing. He and Bean have checkups this week. I'll add that to my list of concerns for the doctor.

Money is tight. (Well, whose isn't? I know our situation could be much worse.) My 6months of half-pay coupled with Hubby's loss of special details has really hurt. At least I'm back on full time and he should get some details in January. We're dipping into savings for overdraft protection at the end of each pay period. If it keeps up, our savings will be gone in a couple of months.

My nasty post-doc coworker is away for the remainder of the year. The work atmosphere is completely different with her gone. Our part-time employee has been chatty and singing while working. I feel bad for her when Post-doc is around. She'll never go to the P.I. to complain, but I wish she would. Some other coworkers suggested that Nice Coworker (who went to work for another lab) should have lodged a complaint against Post-doc when she left. As usual, the nasty people are free to treat their subordinates however they see fit. I like my workplace and have never had problems with my own boss, but I hate to see the way other faculty are allowed to behave over and over again. We had several post-docs and students from other labs that were interested in working with her before I had Bean. Two or three people a week would be in our lab setting up experiments with her. Now there are none.

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