Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bean is crawling in earnest now. He’s still wobbly, gets trapped under tables and such, bonks into things, and often falls/rolls over. Every once in a while he’ll get stuck with his legs stretched behind him and he’ll do a little hop to get back onto his knees. It’s the cutest ever.

He can sure get to something when he wants to. Something usually is the dog or a power cord. He discovered speaker wire the other day (we have surround sound and ran the wiring under the couch and loveseat rather than attempting to mount the speakers and make Swiss cheese of our walls.) I found him wedged between the couch and loveseat (they’re set at a 90 degree angle) munching happily on the wire. He made quite a protest when redirected at something less dangerous. When not going after electrical hazards, he finds his way to the nebulizer, which I really should put away, but fear that would bring bad juju and another round of wheezing. Apparently the tubing feels great on teething gums and fits nicely in his mouth. In short, we really need to get the baby gates out of storage and baby-proof the living room.

He’s going through some sort of lovely sleep regression. I’m not sure if he’s at one of the “classic” ages, but I think he has some sort of teething-just learned to crawl-growth spurt thing going on. He’s waking up once or twice a night plus his usual 5-ish am for bottles. Dear Lord, I’m beyond exhausted. Hubby and I were complaining that he went from sleeping 10-11 hours a night down to 8-9 hours after his RSV hospitalization. Now we’re back to newborn-style wakings every 2-4 hours. I hope this passes soon.

He gained about a pound in the past week-10 days. The little guy is solid.

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