Thursday, January 01, 2009

The kids have been tag teaming Mr. S. and me with colds. Bean is on breathing treatments yet again. The wheezing started the day after Christmas and has continued. If he's still wheezing by tomorrow, the doc wants to see him again. Hmmm, think the wheezing will clear up over night? Me neither. He has something else cooking, too. He was up crying for most of the night (which meant I was up, too)and had a fever for most of today.

Hubby and I have also had the cold. Peanut, too (that goes without saying). I have felt like crap since Christmas night with a scratchy/sore throat, runny nose, painful sinuses and aches. I'm thankful I was off work this week, but it hasn't been much of a restful week off. I pray we're all healthy by Monday so I can go to work as scheduled.

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