Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I hate confrontation. I may talk the badass talk on the blog, but IRL I’m a wuss. My stomach clenches up and I get shaky. I recently felt obligated to speak to another lab’s supervisor about a situation with one of his employees who had brought a child to work and had him in a less-than-safe place. The person who notified me wanted to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation. I really wanted to cover my ears and sing “La-la-la-la” but because of my position and a particular certification I hold, I felt it was my duty to notify the person in charge. I did and the child was taken home. I hope the parent was not punished as that was not my intent.


On a happy note, it looks like my MIL may come visit. She’s been waffling due to family drama and a bad financial situation (a couple of her appliances broke and had to be replaced and our niece and her kids are still living there and apparently running up bills and not contributing anything financially). Hubby’s good sister called last night to fill us in on the latest drama with the nieces and youngest sister. MIL is getting fed up but just can’t seem to say no to them, so they run all over her. Hubby decided to ask again if she’d like to visit and get away from the craziness and reminded her we’d by happy to pay for gas and whatever other travel costs might come up. The visit is back on for now.

Youngest sister has been running her yap (as usual) and pissing everyone off. She was trying to boss FIL around and he had enough of it.

The niece who’s living with MIL is not working and expects MIL to do the cooking, cleaning, and babysit the kids. I think at one point she gave some money to MIL and her husband got pissed. Hello? Your wife and kids are living for FREE with your semi-retired, limited income grandmother-in-law and you’re pissed that your wife, for once, did the right thing? Whatever. Grow up.

Hubby is still hurt that MIL wasn’t going to visit yet she’ll jump for all the other kids/grandkids/great-grandkids. There have been times when we could have used help (when Bean was born and when he was hospitalized) and we didn’t have family to bail us out. We sucked it up, took time off work, and did our best. I still thank our lucky stars Bean’s labor and delivery all happened during daycare hours so Peanut was looked after. That’s the price we pay for being self-sufficient. Hubby has always been the responsible one, so I guess they all assume we can take care of ourselves. We can, but every now and then it would be nice to get a break.

We’re both jealous of the time MIL spends with Good Sister and her kids. Hubby jokes about it with her, but we are green with envy. She’s so lucky to have that bond with MIL and that she can rely on her to take care of the kids. As for the other two sisters and the nieces, I just want to kick their asses. They’ve come to expect that MIL will be there to watch their kids and clean their houses and it’s just wrong. The niece who’s living with her can’t even be bothered to postpone dinner when MIL has to work late (honestly, I’m surprised she doesn’t wait – I figured she’d expect MIL to cook it, too).

I’m a bit apprehensive about the visit, though. I know MIL needs a break and will want to rest and read her books. I’ll try my hardest not to be resentful when she spends time outside smoking and reading. Peanut was so sad when she did that the last time she was here. It’s hard not to be bitter when she bends over backwards for everyone else and our kids get left out because she’s worn out. Dammit, why can’t she tell them to back off and take care of themselves for once so she has the energy to be engaged with us?

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