Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Hubby deals with a plethora of characters through his work. Some of the stuff he sees is downright funny. Some of it gets his blood boiling. Some of it is just sad.

He took a couple of DV (domestic violence) calls that were out there. The first involved a pregnant woman who was punched in the stomach by her boyfriend. Hubby arrives and can smell beer on the woman’s breathe. She’s also puffing away on a ciggie.

She was so distraught over the possibility of losing her fetus that she HAD to down a couple* of beers. Hubby took the DV claim seriously but yelled at her for the damage that alcohol and smoke can inflict on an unborn child.

The next call was for a woman whose husband punched her during an argument. Hubby pulls up and sees a woman standing outside, blood dripping from her mouth. As he approaches he realizes the “blood” does not have the consistency or color of real blood. I loved Hubby’s response: “Ma’am, what IS that? I’ve seen more blood than you have in your entire body and that’s not blood.”

She used FOOD COLORING because her husband didn’t leave any marks and she was afraid of not being taken seriously. The only reason she didn’t go immediately to jail was her two distraught small children that were in her care. She’ll have her day before the judge soon enough.

*In cop-land (and in medical-land) “2 beers” can be anywhere from a 3 on up


mrs. fuzz said...

Sounds like some real winners there. I HATE it when I see pregnant ladies drinking and smoking. And, i can't believe that lady thought she could actually use food coloring. Awesome. it probably looked orange too. I've added you to my links. yeah for a growing network of police wives!

StaceyG said...

The level of stupidity in the human race never ceases to amaze me.