Wednesday, April 01, 2009

My parents arrive Friday for a weekend visit. Woo Hoo! Peanut is as pumped as I am. Every morning he asks “Is it this day? How many days?” He was so very sad yesterday morning when I told him he had three more days to go. He pouted and hung his head.

In keeping with their usual awesome-ness, they decided to buy a swingset for the kids. Hubby is picking it up today and will attempt to start assembly. I have a feeling he’ll be in for several frustrating days (at least that’s what the reviews say). Dad has offered to help, but Hubby is working all weekend. Maybe they’ll get some time in on one of the evenings.

We spent last weekend at my Aunt’s little place a few hours away. She winters at an RV park and has the cutest little mini mobile home. We spent some glorious time at the swimming pool. Peanut is learning to doggie paddle. He did a great job but isn’t ready to try without someone holding him. Bean just loved the water. I was afraid it would be too cold for him but it wasn’t at all. He splashed and kicked and tolerated a couple of older people fawning over him. After a while I cradled him in my arms and let him float. He just laid there, completely relaxed and happy as a clam. I think he would have fallen asleep had we stayed any longer.

A front came through so we never made it to the beach. Maybe next time. We’re planning to ask Auntie if she’d rent the place to us for a few weekends when she’s up north.

Peanut was a little sad not the be allowed to play in her yard. It was because of her cranky neighbors – a nesting pair of hawks! Their nest is in a palm tree next to her place. They’re gone after the man next door a couple of times and we feared what damage talons or a sharp beak might do.

Bean is doing great. He has learned to hold his bottle. A new baby at daycare uses the same style bottles and the two boys have stare-downs when the other is feeding. The other boy has tried to snatch Bean’s bottle away! I guess they’re territorial over what they think is their food. It’s funny that they recognize the bottles. Bean has never been interested in the other kids’ bottles.

He’s working on tooth #4. I think he’s regained whatever weight he lost, plus some. His little tummy is looking very round. Peanut calls him the snowman baby because he’s round like a snowman.

The two boys will sometimes hold hands in the car. It’s so sweet. It settles Bean down and is just the cutest thing. When he knows Peanut is reaching over, he’ll work at grabbing his hand

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Beth said...

I love the description of Bean and Peanut holding hands. Very sweet. They're going to love that swingset. And, by the way, good call to avoid the hawk---they can definitely do some damage. I had a red-tailed hawk swoop down about ten feet from my head yesterday and it scared me a little. I was in awe of his size---they sure look big close-up.

Thanks so much for your comment on my blog.