Wednesday, September 01, 2004

It looks like hurricane Frances is heading for us. The county just got back to normal last week and now it looks like we'll be hit again. Oh joy.

I think I was uninvited to a cookout. I'm trying not to take the whole thing personally, but it's hard not to. The coworker who's hosting it casually mentioned it to me last week. He has out-of-town visitors here for a wedding, so they all rented a big house in a really nice community with a pool and other amenities. Yesterday I overheard him talking with another coworker and I think he was giving her directions to the house - here's the part where I'm not exactly sure - both of them are bilingual and weren't speaking English. I can pick up a few words here and there and I'm pretty certain he was giving directions. He's on vacation till the guests leave, so it's pretty obvious that I won't be receiving any directions. Anyway, I'm bummed about the whole thing. They used to invite me to lunch every now and then which stopped. Granted, I usually rest or take a nap during part of lunch, so I stay in the office, but it's nice to be included. And most times I did accept when invited.

I've also felt some awkwardness around his girlfriend. She's really nice, but very shy. I'm not good at making small talk, so she and I often have awkward conversations, and I'm getting the feeling that she may not like me. I don't plan to bring any of this up, but it's made for a bit of a weird work situation lately.

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