Friday, October 01, 2004

Back to the old grind. Today is my first day back to work after hurricane Jeanne. Work had only partial power until yesterday afternoon, so I had the rest of the week off. I'm certainly not complaining. I caught up on much-needed sleep, got some chores done around the house, ran errands, cooked some decent dinners, and did a whole lot of nothing. Hubby is working another 12-hour shift today (it's his 6th day) and is completely wiped out. Last night he mowed part of the yard and we finally removed all the plywood from our windows. Poor guy has had a physically demanding week. The good news is he has both Saturday and Sunday off!

We were really lucky again. The only "damage" we sustained was losing the door to our mailbox. All our shingles are still in place, and we had no leaks. This storm was much scarier than the others. Jeanne passed directly over us (the other 2 went to our east, so we were on the weaker side of them), and at times our house rumbled with the wind. I've seen a lot of uprooted trees and knocked-down utility poles.

This week I also discovered that a friend is missing family members. Her cousin's family tried to fly out of Ivan's path in north Florida and haven't been heard from since. Civil Air Patrol is doing search and rescue, but haven't found anything. They don't even know if a flight plan was filed. I actually volunteered with CAP during high school and let me just say, finding a wrecked plane is not easy if it crashed in a remote area. (Thankfully I never did any SAR firsthand, although I heard some pretty gruesome stories.) She and her family have been on my mind and I'm praying they're safe and just haven't been able to get in touch.

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