Monday, October 04, 2004

Hubby is a sweetie. And funny.

Saturday morning I was brushing my teeth and he walked into the bathroom to tell me about a dream he had the night before. His story went something like this...

"I had this dream where I went back in time. My first thought was: Oh shit, now I have to make all the same choices so I end up with the same future and selzach and I get married. Fucking temporal displacement." (I thought it was so sweet that he wanted to end up in the same present we're in now.)

So I asked when in the past he ended up. It was high school.

His next comment was "Yeah, the first thing I did was cut off my mullet and shave the moustache." I nearly peed myself. See, every chance I get, I pull out his yearbook and show our friends how stylin' he was back in high school with the puny moustache and hick mullet. Maybe one of these days he'll learn to hide the damn book. It's just waaaay to tempting when people don't believe he: A) once had hair and B) had a mullet.

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