Monday, October 25, 2004

Random thoughts...

Last night hubby and I saw a preview for a newish show about a law firm (I can't remember the name). One of the characters has lost his mind and in the clip they showed him in court, sitting at the table, obviously without pants on. Hubby starts laughing, and I say "Hey, I shouldn't laugh. I almost forgot to put shorts on this morning." Hubby responds "Oh, you weren't kidding this morning?" Nope, I wasn't. I got distracted while getting dressed and nearly went out without shorts on.

We went out of town this weekend to celebrate our anniversary and to have a last little vacation before Peanut's arrival. It was great. We stayed at a quaint, quiet B&B with awesome breakfasts. We wandered through the historic part of town, did some Christmas shopping, went to the beach, ate a bunch of awesome food, and relaxed.

After picking up the dog, I noticed she has fire ant stings all over her belly. We boarded her at new vet's closer to home and will not be taking her back again. They were fucking anal about her having a fecal test to make sure she's parasite-free (since the dogs share a common yard), but they can't control their fucking fire ants. She's been scratching and licking like crazy. Hubby will be making a not-so-happy phone call to them.

I also talked to my parents last night. For some reason, every time I talk with them, I have to poop before the phone call ends. So this time I made sure to go to the bathroom before calling. Sure enough, near the end of the phone call, I got that urgent gotta go feeling.

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