Monday, November 01, 2004

Poor doggie.

Hubby called the boarding place last Monday and they were not at all helpful or friendly. Their response to her belly welts was "Well, maybe she had a reaction to something here. You can bring her back for the vet to check." When hubby asked if they would do the check for free, since Lily went in sans welts, they said no. So we won't use them again. And we're 99.9% sure the welts are from fire ants, not a "reaction". If they have a fire ant problem in their kennel area, they need to take care of it. Period.

Monday morning, we woke up to a very sick Lily. She had torn apart and eaten one of her squeaky toys sometime in the night and it made her very sick. I took her down to our usual vet and she spent the day under observation. Luckily by the end of the day she was all better, was able to eat and poop, and came home with medicine to help keep the tummy spasms down.

She was fine all week.

Until yesterday. We woke up again to a very, very sick Lily. I can't believe how much puke a 60-lb dog can produce. It's nasty. And we need to rent a steam cleaner. I got so grossed out, I had to put her out on the porch for a few hours. She proceeded to puke all over the porch, but at least we can hose it off. This time around we don't know what made her so sick. She's still on the tummy meds, but threw both doses back up. We gave her Kaopectate (at the vet's suggestion) and it didn't work. The only guesses we made are that either A) someone accidentally fed her something like chocolate on Saturday night when we had friends over or B) she has a tick-borne illness. Hubby and I pulled a tick off her on Saturday, after hubby accidentally squished the tick while trying to extract it. I know ticks can regurgitate nasties into their host when traumatized, but I don't know if 15 hours is a long enough incubation period for said nasties to cause symptoms.

So, back to the vet again today. Fingers are crossed.

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