Thursday, November 04, 2004

Yay!! Lily is on her way home. Hubby just called and she's doing really well. She was so excited to see him, that she dragged the vet tech over to him. She also was able to hop into the car all by herself (she has a build like a basset hound, so it's a jump). Our only care instructions are to try to get her to rest for the next 2 weeks (Haha. She's a hyper mutt.) and not to bathe her during that time. We also have to be careful of viral infections. I'm bummed that we won't get our evening walkies for her recuperation period as I'm sure she will be, too. She absolutely loves her walkies.

The vet showed hubby the piece of toy from her intestine. Apparently is was a pretty good chunk. I hope she's learned what not to eat.

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