Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Lily seems to be doing fine after her big surgery. Honestly, I can't believe it. She has a good 8" long scar on her belly and acts as if nothing happened. She was a little sleepy the first couple of days, but has been running around and launching on and off the furniture without any trouble. We've even taken her for walkies around the block because she was so pitifully begging to go.

We had a baby shower this weekend. Both our moms were there - hubby's mom drove down for the weekend just to come. It was so nice to have them both there although I wish Dad and Stepmom could have made it, too. Since his mom was there, there's no way his dad and stepmom would come. I wish they'd all get over it already, but I guess they never will. I enjoyed hanging out with everyone and had a chance to talk with the wife of one of hubby's coworkers who is also due around the same time as me. We don't know each other that well, but she seems like a real sweetheart. We're both having similar discomforts, so it was fun to talk about all that.

I'm finding that I'm cranky almost all the time now. I wonder if it's because I'm not sleeping well (I'm up at least 3 or 4 times a night now to pee or take antacids) or if it's just "hormones". I'm trying really hard to be pleasant but I nearly lost it yesterday at the gas station when a jackass pumped gas into his SUV with the motor running. Um, they have signs all over the place that tell you to turn the damn engine off.

My big event yesterday, though, was calling in a possible drug dealer. As I was leaving work, I noticed a suspicious looking guy hanging around outside the parking lot. Work is in a fairly rough neighborhood with a history of drugs, so I wasn't all that surprised. As I drove out, he leaned over (my windows were open) and said something like "Hey baby" whole holding his hand out. He had a baggie of something, and I kept driving. Once I got about a mile away, I called it in to the Sheriff's Office. Who knows if anything happened, or if the guy was even still there, but we've had 2 situations in the past 6 months where we've been ordered to lock down work while the cops look for armed suspects in the area. I'm getting damn tired of it.

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