Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Had my regular 2-week OB visit yesterday. Everything looks good except the fact I gained 7 lbs in 2 weeks. Not so good. My feet have been swelling like crazy and I'm starting to feel like my legs are swelling, too. I've been watching my salt consumption for the past couple of weeks or so, but apparantly not carefully enough. The doctor didn't seem alarmed, but I know if things continue the same, then she will be. Her suggestions: limit salt (doing that), drink lots of water (doing that, although I may try to drink more. I'm already at 8-10 glasses a day, so I don't know if I can handle any more), and lie down on my left side for 1-2 hours every day. That's the toughie. I sleep mostly on my left side since it's better for my reflux than sleeping on my right. If I go home and lie down, then I'll eat dinner an hour later which will mean more reflux at bedtime (and I'm already up at least 2 or 3 times a night for Tums). If I lie down for an hour after eating, I'll have horrendous reflux.


Best Friend (I've blogged a good bit about her in the past, but am too lazy to go through the archives) and her husband are trying to get pregnant. I'm a horrible person because I just can't get all that excited for them. They've been trying for about 6 months or so with no luck. Her gyn is doing tests and she seems to be ovulating although she has a cyst and possibly endo. I do feel bad about those - I've dealt with cysts before (they hurt like hell when they rupture), and she may need exploratory surgery to see if she indeed has endo.

The reasons I can't get excited are as follows:

Their little girl was a surprise. BF had gone of bc pills due to blood pressure problems, and they didn't like any of the alternatives, so they used NOTHING. She got pregnant within a couple months of stopping bc. She was miserable during the whole pregnancy and made sure everyone knew about it. I'm not saying pregnancy is all roses, but I think her main problem was that she and hubby were comepletely not ready to be parents. I understand her needing to go off the pill, but if you're not ready for a kid, you really ought to use some sort of protection.

They have big money issues. Always complaining about bills, collection agencies, or their daughter's medical bills. It's only going to get worse with another child. And I'll hear all about it. Then when her parents bail them out of yet another maxed out credit card, I'll her about how "guilty" she feels that her parents have bailed them yet again.

They bugged the ever-living shit out of hubby and me for at least a year or two before we decided to try and start a family. Every time I saw or talked to them, the first words out of their mouths were "So, when are you guys having a baybeeeee?" They even got their daughter in on the act. Nothing warms the cockles of your heart like a 3 year old asking if you're pregnant yet.

One small consolation: their daughter really wants a little brother. She tells them so all the time and even has a name picked out. She also announced it to everyone at the last party we were at. BF was mortified and I had to stifle a laugh. It didn't bother her any to do the same thing to me.

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